Visible Learning

Visible Learning

Visible Learning is based on the research of John Hattie and, at our school, we focus on:

  • Setting Learning Outcomes and Success Criteria that students know and understand;
  • Promoting a positive attitude towards learning where students take risks, accept feedback and are open to change.
  • Measuring our impact on student learning and identifying what works in a school so that we can maximise our impact.

School approaches and programs are based on research and there is open communication with families so that there is a common approach to teaching and learning. Students have ownership over their learning. They know what is expected and can assess their own success in achieving their goals.


Good Learners

Because we promote students taking control over their own learning, it is important that they know what a "good learner" looks like. At Stuart Park School we have described a "good learner' as someone who:

  • can talk about what they are learning and why they are learning it,
  • takes risks when learning and is not worried about making mistakes,
  • persists when the challenge is tough,
  • embraces feedback as they know that it is through feedback that we learn,
  • is resilient in learning.