Parent Info


To enrol at Stuart Park School, please provide the following information:

  • Birth certificate
  • Up to date contact information
  • Relevant medical and immunisation records
  • Any relevant information relating to the family situation.
  • Information from the previous school including year level attained and name of school (any assessments or reports are very useful)
  • Passport and visa details where relevant.

School starting age is as follows:

  • Children who turn four years of age before 30th June, 2016 are eligible to start preschool in January, 2016.
  • Children who turn five years of age before 30th June, 2016 are eligible to start Transition in January, 2016.

It should be noted that preschool is part time schooling. Children attend for 15 hours per week. (see Preschool Page)

Transition is the first year of full time schooling and in other states may be called Reception or Prep. In the Australian Curriculum it is referred to as Foundation.

School Priority Enrolment

As the school is quite full, we have instituted a Priority Enrolment Policy and so we are only accepting enrolments from families who are living in the Stuart Park School area. This area includes residences on the Stuart Park side of the Stuart Highway from McMinn Street to just past Berrimah Road, including the suburbs of Stuart Park, Woolner (City Valley), Tipperary Waters, Bayview, Winnellie, the Defence Establishment Berrimah at Coonawarra and the Mandorah side of the harbour.

Families who live outside of the area and already have a student enrolled may enrol further siblings.

To enrol your child, please call the school to arrange a meeting with the principal. During this meeting the principal will explain important aspects of the school culture and approach to teaching and learning. It will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions.

The school is now at capacity and so we have an Enrolment Management Plan in place that strictly limits enrolments into our school. This plan is available here for your information. Stuart Park PS  - Enrolment Management Plan - May 2017

Enrolment Form

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School Contributions

School contributions of $150 per year are requested by the School Council. These contributions supplement Education Department grants and cover areas such as:

  • additional resources for classrooms
  • admission to most cultural and educational performances
  • cost of buses for school excursions
  • general school resources (e.g. computers, library books etc.).
  • enhanced grounds and playground equipment
  • log in to the Reading Eggs online resources.

It is due to the high percentage of parents who support the school through these contributions that we are able to supply a high level of resources.

We endeavour not to ask for continuous small amounts of money for various activities but this may happen on special occasions. In order to be fair, parents who have not made a Parent Contribution will be asked to pay full cost for any extra activities that children undertake. Please be assured that no essential resource or facility will ever be withdrawn from a child should you choose not to make this contribution.

Contributions may be made at the school office by Cheque, Bankcard, Visa or Mastercard or contact the school for bank details to directly deposit the amount.