All children at Stuart Park Primary School wear full school uniform each day of the week. This policy is supported by the School Council and the Department of Education.

When enrolling at Stuart Park Primary School you are deciding to become part of our community and as such you are agreeing to follow the expectations of this community.

The wearing of the school uniform allows children to feel part of a group. It negates the need to worry about dress standards and gives us an identity. It says “I belong here”.

Please clearly label uniforms with student names.

Second hand uniforms
Second hand uniforms are usually available at the office for a reasonable price. If you have pre loved uniforms that your children no longer require, we would be happy to accept them here at the school.

The wearing of hats and shoes is compulsory.


Sensible footwear must be worn. Shoes must cover the feet and adequately protect them. They must be appropriate to their purpose. Slip on shoes or sandals may not be worn.


Hats are to have an all around brim that adequately shades the nose, ears and back of neck of the wearer. Shades and caps are not acceptable.


Generally, the wearing of jewellery is not encouraged and children who feel they need to wear jewellery should contact the school to explain this need.

Nail polish and makeup are also not necessary at school.

It is understood that there are days when it is just not possible to supply a uniform for your child to wear to school. On such days, children come to the office and they are given a uniform to wear for the day.


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Uniforms can be purchased from the school office:

School Shirt *  $25.00
School Shorts *  $25.00
 Dresses sizes 2-6  $45.00
 Dresses sizes 8 and over  $55.00
 Hats-wide brim  $10.00
 School socks  $5.00
Library Bags $5.00

* denotes the compulsory items of the school uniform.

All prices are subject to variation if manufacturers increase their prices.

Back to School Voucher

The NT Government supplies a Voucher for $150 for each child from Preschool to Year Six. It can be used to purchase uniforms or other essential school items. It can also be set aside against excursions or camps on request.

The office will have a display of possible uses.