Situated within a large child-centred garden, Stuart Park Preschool is located on the same grounds as the Primary School with its own entrance and car park via Ashley St. It boasts excellent facilities. Its two large classrooms have floor to ceiling windows, allowing plenty of natural light and views of the garden and neighbouring bush land. It also boasts a modern kitchen, large verandahs front and back, a vegetable and fruit garden as well as a variety of outdoor play equipment set amidst tropical gardens.

Our Progam

Beginning Preschool is an important step in your child's life. At Stuart Park:

  • We believe every child is special, with special needs, interests and characteristics and this is reflected in our program.
  • We aim to build upon the skills and understandings the children have already acquired at home by providing a friendly, safe and stimulating environment.
  • By surrounding our children with a wide variety of activities and experiences, they are encouraged to become imaginative, independent and active learners.

Starting Preschool

Children are eligible to start in preschool at the beginning of the year if they turn 4 years of age before 30th June that year. The Pre School encourages orientation visits prior to commencement. All admissions rely on available vacancies. Enrolment at present is subject to the family living within the school priority enrolment area.

This policy ensures all children experience the benefit of a full year of Preschool before starting Transition the following year. Both Morning and Afternoon Group sessions offer identical programs.

Regular attendance and punctuality is important in order to prepare the child for primary school.

Dressing for Preschool

Uniforms are not compulsory at preschool, however, we do sell a Preschool T-Shirt at a cost of $25. These are available at the Primary School Office. The Government Voucher can be used to purchase these.

All children must wear a hat to play outside as Stuart Park School has a No Hat, No Play policy. The hat must have a wide brim all around and be of sufficient width to adequately shade the nose, ears and back of the neck.

Appropriate footwear must also be worn. The best types of shoes are runners. Footwear such as thongs, slip-ons and high heels are not suitable for preschool. Because children sometimes need to take off and put on shoes during the day, Velcro is certainly a good option for your child’s shoes. Shoe laces are challenging for children of this age and Velcro offers them the opportunity to develop independence with taking their shoes off and putting them back on.

Session times


8:00am-11:00am Monday to Friday


11:45pm-2:45pm Monday to Friday

Phone Number



Parent Contributions

$240 per year ($60 per term)

These contributions are requested by the Preschool parent body.  Though the preschool is funded by the NT Government on a per student basis, these additional contributions enable us to provide the following:

  • a higher level of resources for our preschool;
  • excursions to relevant learning places such as the shopping centre;
  • specialists from the community to work with the students;
  • ingredients and cooking materials.

Please be assured that no resource or facility will ever be withdrawn from a child should you choose not to make this contribution. These contributions are made through the Primary School office.


There is a $150 voucher available from the NT Government and this can be used to purchase gear at the school.

The school office will have a list of options available using this voucher.