Specialist Programs

Specialist Programs

Performing Arts

The performing Arts is an important aspect of our school and all classes visit our Performing Arts Room (Sandfly Room) each week to participate in music, drama and dance. Students are encourages to be innovative and involved and there is always a lot of energy and enthusiasm during these times.

Students can also further specialise in music in a number of ways.

  • There is a junior choir (Years 3 and 4) and a senior choir (Years 5 and 6) and these choirs perform regularly both as separate choirs and as a group choir.
  • There are opportunities to be involved in our instrumental music (e.g.  drums, guitar, saxophone, flute, trumpet, clarinet and violin.) and band program (Years 4–6). Specialist teachers tutor students in a range of instruments and they come together each week to form our school band.
  • There are beginning and advanced recorder groups that practise each week and regularly perform at our assemblies.


We have a specialist Science program and students from Transition to Year 6 attend a lesson that follows the Australian Curriculum. The school has a Science Room that is well supplied with relevant science equipment to ensure the program is hands-on.


Indonesian teachers from the Darwin Language Centre work with Years 4-6 on an Indonesian language program that combines the language and cultural aspects of our near neighbour.

Physical Education

The Upper Primary classes, Years 3-6 have a lesson each week with our Physical Education teacher. This lesson concentrates on skills and fitness and helps students develop skills for game play. There is also a sports afternoon where they engage in game play, sometimes with other schools.

Early Childhood also have physical Education classes and a Fundamental Motor Skills program that develops fine and gross motor skills.

On a regular basis, Development Officers from various sports spend time in our school working with all year levels to develop skills and promote game play. Students often take up a sport as a result of these sessions.


Instrumental Music Instruction

Qualified instructors from the NT Music School are available for instruction in the playing of various musical instruments e.g.  drums, guitar, saxophone, flute, trumpet, clarinet and violin. Tuition is available for students in years 4, 5 and 6.

To hire a musical instrument, please contact the NT Music School directly on 8963 5550 or Stuart Park Primary on 8997 7333. The school also has a recorder program for students who wish to join.